Saturday, October 3, 2009


OK here are the ALL the picture from our trip! There are allot but it's ok because it's totally worth it!! =) Some of the pictures aren't mine they are Christian's and I 'borrowed' them (it's ok she knows I stole them) because both my camera batteries died while we were on the tour I did get to sneak one picture in every once in while before my camera would shut off but after a while it started getting really old. Anyway I hope you enjoy=)!! Sorry if they are out of order. Also, for those of you how have seen the movie I'm sure you are going to tell me "that isn't in the movie." I know! The movie was filmed in Portland because the film tax in Washington is apparently very high. They were going to film in Fork the crew was even there waiting but our lovely government would help out a low budget film and so they had 2 days to find somewhere else to shoot. Also Stephine Meyer actually went to Port Angeles, Forks and La Push before she finished Twilight. So when I tell you "it's from the book." it is fact the place that Stephine Meyer picked out. =) I know I learned it on my guided tour=).

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Danielle said...

LOVE all the pictures! I feel like I was there! Maybe someday! Glad you had fun!