Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Update on Kyan's speech Therapy!

I'm a little irritated right now. The referral for the speech therapy went through and the insurance company approved and I was so excited when Kyan's doctor called and gave me the number to Kadlec Therapy and told us all the paper work had been sent in and all I had to do was make an appointment. So I called to make an appointment and guess what....... They told me they put us on the waiting list and to call back at the end of January because they were just now getting to the kids that have been on the list since October. GRRR Can you believe it?!?! I know there isn't anything that help the situation or make it move faster, but I'm finally getting this all straighted out and the insurance finally came through and now.... I have to wait!! I feel better just letting that out now! I just hope we aren't on the waiting list to long insurance said the referral is only good for a couple of months! Wish us the best and keep Kyan in your prayers.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow and Christmas!

So I thought while I had a few minutes I would updates everyone again, and give you proof that there was a LOT of snow here the other day.... because if you showed up today you'd never believe me!! As I am writing this it is currently 48 degrees outside and is the end of December!!! CRAZY!! And almost all the snow is gone. If you didn't believe in Global Warming before maybe you should start looking into it!!! HEHE This is a picture I took from the car when we were leaving the in-laws see all the snow!!!
This is the bush outside Kyan's window!

The bush outside the kitchen window!

The parking lot and the side walk and curb (but you can't tell there is a sidewalk or a curb)

Sidewalk and parking lot today!

Bush outside Kyan's window.

outside the back door (we went sledding down that hill like 3 days ago)

Bush outside the Kitchen!!!

Well besides all that Christmas was GREAT!! Kyan helped Daddy make breakfast before Grandma and Grandpa Haggerty came over to eat and open presents. Then we went to my parents house had lunch and opened more gifts, we hung out there for a while and then went to Chad's parents and hung out for a little while and eat leftover fondue from Christmas Eve. Kyan went to bed REALLY easy that night!! His cousins wore him out! On the 26th my niece was baptised and then we went back to my parents house and had a taco feed. They were some dang good taco's that's all I have to say! There were tamales, nachos and lots of yummy cookies. So we have a busy week and right now I'm glad to have such a wonderful family and glad to just relax at home for a little while, before Chad goes back to work.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Time!

It's my FAVORITE time of the year again! And although I'm totally against Christmas music on the radio or at the store before Thanksgiving I have secretly been listening since mid-November! But only when Kyan and I are here alone and he doesn't know the difference it's just music to dance to, or when I was making Christmas themed crafts!! But now that Thanksgiving is over I can listen all day everyday and no one gets to say a thing. It's GREAT! We put the Christmas Tree up the day after Thanksgiving. The house is very festive (I'll post pictures..well whenever I get around to taking some haha). I hosted a cookie swap on the 6th which was allot of fun! and I learned there are some things I will definitely do different if I do another one next year. I am also going to the Nutcracker with my mom tonight. I am sooo excited. I haven't been since I was a little girl, and I really wanted to go while we were living in Bothell but Chad wouldn't go with me and I couldn't find anyone else to go with me. So this year I called up my mom and asked if she would please go with me and I think she was more excited then I was! So I'll tell you how that goes. Other then that there really isn't any new news. Oh wait Kyan had his first ear infection the other day but he's all better now. And we are just waiting for the referral with the insurance to go through so we can see a speech therapist so cross your fingers that insurance doesn't take more then a couple weeks and everything goes well. Ok that's all the news for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year!!

One of the boys!!

I had to post this picture! It just make me smile ever time I see it!! Chad's friends Justin came over a little while ago to play video games with Chad. I was on the computer looking something up (probably on SCS!!!) and I looked over to make sure Kyan wasn't bothering them too much and I quickly grabbed the camera to take this picture!!! He looks just like one of the boys!!

Some more Halloween Pictures!!

Here are some pictures of Kyan in his Halloween costume he was Mairo!! (But I pretty sure I said that already. Sorry some are sideways I don't know how to fix that yet!)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Here are some pictures!

I know I'm a little late but here are some pictures of carving pumpkins and our lite pumkins!! There is more to come later. I JUST figured out how to put pictures up so hold tight!

Our apartment!!

We are finally all settled into our apartment! Hallelujah!!! We have never been happier! All the boxes are unpacked all the photos are on the wall, and we finally get to have some space to ourselves.
Kyan has grown so much over the last several months. He really looks forward to reading every night before he goes to bed which was always a painful drawn out process. He tells me all about his day and makes up every morning and says "Mornin, Mom" (Good morning, Mom). I don't think he's ever been happier! We go for walks almost everyday. (sometimes it's just to cold) and he LOVES to show off for anyone who comes over!. The other day he danced for Grandma Roberts and of course being the great grandma she is, she joined right it! Which I know he enjoyed more then when I dance with him! Grandma Haggerty came over last night and hung out with Kyan while we had poker night at our house and he was so excited all day, every time he heard a car lock (you know people lock their cars with the remote and it honks) he'd scream "Grandma, Grandma, GRANDMA!!" and I had to tell him that is wasn't grandma she won't be here for three more hours! Cracks me up! Well anyway that's really all that's new! Hope everyone is doing great and has a GREAT holiday season!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

We are moving!!

We are finally moving out of the in-laws and into an apartment!! We couldn't be happier! We move the day after Halloween!! Kyan is REALLY going to miss Grandma and Grandpa Haggerty and being so close to Grandma and Grandpa Roberts (every time we drive close or go by on our walks he gets sooo excited and thinks we are going to visit and then when we don't he is VERY sad). We carved pumpkins on Sunday and as soon as I figure out how I'll put pictures up. Also Kyan is going to be Mario for Halloween and I thought he might be too young to care what he was but he is REALLY excited . I made the costume (ok I didn't make it, like from scratch make it, but I used stuff we had or stuff I bought at Value Village to make his costume) so I'll make sure I get LOTS of pictures!! Hope every one is have a wonderful fall season. It's my favorite!!

I promise I'll figure this out!

I really will and I'll keep you updated and post pictures! Just hang in there I'm new at this!!
Ok Have a GREAT day!!