Monday, February 16, 2009

Picture mania!! A year in pictures!

Ok Chad was looking at the blog earlier today and said I don't have enough pictures on here so I thought I'd put up a bunch from the last year of our lives! But since I don't want to overwhelm you all at once; this first bunch is just from June 2008 till Feb. 2009! and next time I'll do Feb. 2008 till May 2008. I hope you enjoy this little look in to our lives=). Happy looking.

June 2008 The month our world got turned upside down.

Good bye Bothell.

Our life in boxes.

Father's day.

Good bye Seattle, Tri-Cites here we come.

July 2008

We went to visit Sean and Angie for the fourth of July. Kyan enjoyed playing in their backyard and their cool pool.

Here are just a few pictures of the fireworks.

This is the playground by the water park here in the Tri-Cities.

You push the button and.....

Water comes out the top!

Here's Kyan playing.

August 2008 Here's Kyan playing the pool at Grandma and Grandpa Haggerty's.

Kyan's 3rd birthday!

After blowing out his candles he dove right in. LOL He got that piece!

September 2008 There are allot of pictures for this month (it was a busy month).

Here's Chad playing Softball.

Here are a couple pictures of the sunset I took while I was watching Chad's softball game. The McDonald's arch doesn't really add anything to the picture but I couldn't take a good picture with out in the picture.

Grandpa helping Kyan ride the bike!

This September I watched Dylan 3, Lennon 1, and Colton about 2 months, for about a week so Angie could hunting with her husband Sean. (for those that don't know Sean is Chad's older brother)

So here is a picture of Grandpa waving to the boys as they race off in the car!

Chad hitting a home run!!!!!

Baby Colton as Kyan calls him!

Chad loves babies and REALLY wants another but until then he's happy to hold and love everyone else's!

The boys in the tub.

This makes me laugh every time I look at it!! Kyan got an Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head for being Alana's weeding in June. Anyway Lennon was putting the hat on and every time he did it would sing the theme song to Indiana Jones. It was so cute!

October 2008 I already had some pictures up so I thought I'd put up some that I hadn't before. These are he cousins and they came down to go trick-or-treating and it was Dylan's (the one in yellow) birthday and Lennon's (the one on the left) in a couple of days.

November 2008 For some reason I didn't take any pictures of Thanksgiving dinner (we even had two lunch with my family and dinner with Chad's) and I don't remember why I didn't because I know I had my camera. Oh well!

Saftey first!!

December 2008! Christmas is in the air!! Here are some pictures of some of the crafts/decorations I made this year!

These two are of a beautiful sunset in December!

The tree!

Some of the ornaments!

Another one of this craft.

I let Kyan play with the camera for a little bit (don't worry he was sitting next to me) and I LOVE these two pictures he took!

Helping Daddy with Christmas Eve breakfast.

Januray 2009

First hair cut and bath of the new year!!

Feb. 2009 There aren't a whole lot of pictures this month but there is still time=). P.S. The pictures of Chad with his cake were taken in Janurary but since his birthday is in Feb. that's were I put it.

He helped Daddy blow out his candels.

Just because he loves me. =)

Just because I love him=).