Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today I decided that I alone am keeping the magazine industry afloat.

There are many things I have inherited from my mother, my lips, my ears, my hands and her need to collect things. LOL. For those of you that don't already know I have a very nice collection of cookbooks and cooking magazines (not as big as my moms though)I'm sure mine is close to if not more then a hundred and the doesn't include the 3 books I have put together myself. But today I was going through my magazine basket; Yes, I have a magazine basket. It is where I put all the magazines I subscribe to after I have read them and when it starts to over flow about every 4-6 months, I go through the magazines and rip out all the ideas, recipes I like and then recycle the rest. Well Anyway I was going thought the basket today and putting the cooking magazines on the book shelf and I realized that I subscribe to a lot of magazines. So I thought I would share my realization with you and my little secret of just how many I subscribe to.

-Better Homes and Garden (which it my fav. and I love the website I visit at least once a day)
-Good Housekeeping
-Family Fun
-Paper Crafts
-Creating Keepsakes
-Scrapbooks etc.
-Simple Scrapbooks (well I did before they stopped making it. That as a sad day at the Haggerty house)
-Taste of Home
-Taste of Home Holiday
-Kraft Food and Family

and I recently either cancelled or didn't renew the following
-Seattle Metropolitan (which I loved but not living in Seattle anymore just made it more of silly spend)
-Cooks Country
-Cook's illustrated (but not before getting the BEST cookie recipe ever)

There you go a little more insight into the crazy makings of me=) I hope you enjoyed it just a little.

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Danielle said...

I hear ya! I'm not getting quite that many, but I do get Family Fun, Parents, Paper Crafts (my favorite), Creating Keepsakes, and Taste of Home (great practical recipes). What can I say, WE have good taste!