Sunday, November 23, 2008

Here are some pictures!

I know I'm a little late but here are some pictures of carving pumpkins and our lite pumkins!! There is more to come later. I JUST figured out how to put pictures up so hold tight!

Our apartment!!

We are finally all settled into our apartment! Hallelujah!!! We have never been happier! All the boxes are unpacked all the photos are on the wall, and we finally get to have some space to ourselves.
Kyan has grown so much over the last several months. He really looks forward to reading every night before he goes to bed which was always a painful drawn out process. He tells me all about his day and makes up every morning and says "Mornin, Mom" (Good morning, Mom). I don't think he's ever been happier! We go for walks almost everyday. (sometimes it's just to cold) and he LOVES to show off for anyone who comes over!. The other day he danced for Grandma Roberts and of course being the great grandma she is, she joined right it! Which I know he enjoyed more then when I dance with him! Grandma Haggerty came over last night and hung out with Kyan while we had poker night at our house and he was so excited all day, every time he heard a car lock (you know people lock their cars with the remote and it honks) he'd scream "Grandma, Grandma, GRANDMA!!" and I had to tell him that is wasn't grandma she won't be here for three more hours! Cracks me up! Well anyway that's really all that's new! Hope everyone is doing great and has a GREAT holiday season!