Saturday, January 31, 2009

First Post of the New Year and it's almost Feburary!!

I don't have any photo's to post today. But I promise I'll put some up when things get a little more exciting! hehe!
Kyan finally got in to the speech therapist and things are going GREAT!! He has been twice already and will go once a week for a while. My dad has been taking us since we only have one car and Chad takes it to work. Kyan really enjoys the the therapist her name is Julia and she isn't much older then me or Chad, she is sweet and he loves the games they play. His speech has improved and he is SOO much better at expressing himself. But in true 3 year old nature he does get frustrated with her when she doesn't understand or when she pushes to hard but he's learning to say that he needs a break. So I'd say things are looking great! But I think Kyan's favorite part is hanging out with Grandpa every Wednesday morning. It works great for me too because his appointments have been at 8:30am and so that means we have to leave at 8, so to make sure Kyan has had his water, brushed his teeth, a piece of toast or cereal for breakfast and dressed in time I have to wake him up at 7am; which is a half hour before he normally gets up. And sometimes it hard to get him moving so I just tell him, "Grandpa's coming, don't you want to go with Grandpa to see Julia (or the doctor as Kyan calls her)?" and he yells "GRAMPA, DOCER?!?!" (that's Kyan for "grandpa, doctor" for those of you that don't speak 3 year old) and hurries over to do whatever I asked.
We celebrated Chad birthday a little early, ok not really celebrated it as much as made him a Birthday cake yesterday. Because starting tomorrow, February 1st, we are have a no sweets bet. For those of you who already know we did have one before but it was just for me beacuse Chad said I couldn't go one whole year without sweets and I said I could and you know what I made it 10 months but after my grandma passed away and I was very upset that I couldn't make it to her funeral, so I made Chad get me ice cream and I lost. But this time we are both doing it, and I think he'll crack before me. hehe. Ok I don't really know but we'll see.
Other then that there isn't really anything else to tell you. I have been filling most of my spare time with scrapbooking. Chad's been busy at work and Kyan has been busy learning and growing tall=). I'll keep you posted on any new information. Eat a chocolate for me on Valentine's and pray I don't crack=). Love you all!!