Sunday, April 18, 2010

For You Danielle!!=)

Danielle-I hope I didn't go to far overboard=). Hope this helps. If you need more or you were looking for something specific let me know.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What's new with the Haggerty clan!

So we aren't always very exciting but I do have a few updates for you mostly about my progress with the my New Years Resolutions/goals. Like I said before I have been breaking them down by months. Well my eat healthy has been going well to date I have lost 12lbs, not great but good=). Last month I started my "Try a new recipe at least once a month" goal, and I actually made 5 different things all new for me, and only one just ok the rest we really yummy. I'm not overwhelmed with my own cooking very often (not nearly as much as Chad is) But let me tell you these SOOO good. One I make quite often now for lunch or dinner for myself it's a noodle stir-fry and SOO easy. I have even modified it a little to make it more my "flavor" and I love it even more. I have pictures of the other 3. Here they are.....
This is Strawberry Cheesecake dip. Yummy.

Yummy Bruschetta (my first ever) and I can't wait for an excuse to make it again.

This is Tiny Lemon Gem Tart. They tasted better then they look I got a little excited with the powdered sugar.

This month I started 2 goals; exercise more and organize my scrapbooking stuff. We bought an elliptical machine today and it will be here Monday (Thank you IRS!!) and last night after several hours and a serious realization that I CAN NOT keep buying scrapbooking paper unless I actually use what I have. So now I have a box of stuff that's free to a good home because I can't bare to throw it away, and a promise with myself and my husband not buy and scarpbooking stuff except glue and card stock (and only if I don't have the right color to match my project) until the scrapbooking convention in November. (I really hope I can make it) or until 50% of what I have has been used whichever comes first. Here are some pictures of my 'improved' closet. Sorry there aren't any before pictures... actually no I'm not it was REALLY embarrassing.

This is the box of free stuff.

Also I went to a baby shower at the end of Feb. for a friend who is having baby number 2 a girl and here is the Card I made.

The color for the babies room are pink, brown and a bright green, and the theme is butterflies, flowers and dragonflies. So I think I did a pretty good job. especially since I didn't know the theme only the colors when I made it=).

Thanks for looking=).

The Haggerty's

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Getting crafty!!

These are the gifts I made for a dear dear friend of mine who I have known for probably close to 23 years!! She is about to have Baby number 2 and and made these for her baby shower!!

This one I didn't take very many pictures of sorry=(. The others didn't not turn out well and in this one it's kind of hard to tell. So I'll just tell you about it and you can use your imagination=). So on the invitation they called her shower a pre-birthday party and what is better for a birthday then cupcakes=). My amazing 'super woman' of a sister in law made some of the cutest socks crochet with beads (P.S. Danielle I had several requests from some of the women that want them in there size!! hehe) and I bought the cutest little onesie that had 3 cupcakes on it and it said "Mommy's little Cupcake" So I folded the the onesie like 3 times hot dog ways and placed the socks on the end and round them up together so the beads on the socks were sticking up out of the top of the roll so it looked like a cupcake with frosting then I took some paper that I had left over from a project where I had 'crimped' it and cut that to fit so it looked like a cupcake cup. I was worried that no one would know what it was suppose to be but when she took it out of the page she said "oh my gosh it's a cupcake!" So that made me happy=). Also the cupcake I cut out with my cricut=) and you can't tell in this picture but there are "sprinkles" on it too.

This idea I stole from someone else but I made it my own=). This is the lid. Of the pail. I cut everything but the flower with my cri-cut.

I actually added the babies name later. But I know how some women are about sharing there baby name and so I just took a picture before I added it so her name wasn't floating out in Internet wonderland=).

This is the inside of the 'Bath time pail' I found a large hooded towel she'll be able to use for a while, some soap, lotion and a hair brush and comb set

Well I hoped you enjoyed looking!! And wish me luck I am going to submit my work again in hopes of getting on Craft Warehouse's 2010 Design team. I didn't make it last year and if I don't make it this year I think I'll wait a while before I try again. And I can't show what I made until after the deadline is over but I do promise to share. Lots of love!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wow. It has been a LONG time.

So things have been a little crazy and I was having a hard time finding time to do all the updating that really needs to be done then I just fell further and further behind, so I thought I'd give a quick update and then really over whelm everyone this weekend when I have some more time to go through pictures and stuff.
So I guess since it is the first posting of 2010, I thought I'd share my new years resolutions with you and my plan=).
First the plan.... I decided that since every year I always make several resolutions (and this year is no different) instead of getting overwhelmed by them and eventually not making it till the end of the year I would break them down by months starting a new each month after making the one(s) from the previous months a habit. So far it's working out pretty well. I'm not overwhelmed and I am excited and have a plan of attack for next months goals=). I have also decided to call them goals as it is a happier word for me=).
So here are my resolutions/goals in no particular order (I'll share my month by month plans with you later) eat healthy (I will tell you I started that one already and I have lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks which is great considering I haven't started my exercise more goal yet.), exercise more, keep the house clean, organize my scrapbooking room, update the blog at least twice a month, watch less t.v., take more bubble baths, spend less money on stupid things so we have more money for important things, and last but not least try a new recipe once a month (have a ton of cookbooks no sense in letting just sit there.)
So there you have it=). I'll let you know if and when I need support or advise. Till this weekend.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Before and after.

So on Saturday I dyed my hair. I was ready for a change and it's ok if you think I'm crazy=) But I went all brown. Some people have been asking for pictures so here you go....

Before (taken October 18th)

and after (taken Sunday November 25th)

LOTS more house!

OK here a a whole heap of house picture because a) I haven't got on forever b) I have been busy and c) I wasn't sure anyone was actually enjoying them. But I started and now I must finish. So here is one picture of almost all of the rooms left to show you. (The Laundry room, the Master and formal living room are missing because I haven't taken a picture of them since we finished them. But I will take the pictures tomorrow when the sun is out and show you)

This one is of the stairs and the little wall and walk way between the front door (on the left) the formal living room (where I was standing when I took it) and the living room.

Powder Room downstairs.

Dining room

The funny thing out of all the pictures I have taken this is the only one of the kitchen and you can't even see the Kitchen. I'll take a picture soon so you can see the whole thing.

This is the Guest room. I love the red but a word of advice for anyone thinking about painting red... spend the extra time and paint the one coat of dark color primer because even if you think you can skip that step and buy the paint with the primer already in it you well have to paint 5 coats! FIVE!!!! So spare your self the pain do one coat of dark primer and then you should only have to do 2 of the red.

Hope you all enjoyed there will be a couple more to come and then some of the outside so check back!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

More House!!

Today I thought I'd show you Kyan's room and the guest bath upstairs.

This is Kyan's room. Besides the entry way it's the only other room we didn't paint. There isn't a whole lot to tell you about these pictures other then.. Yes, his bed is on the floor. We haven't found a bedroom set that we like for him yet. The art should be put on the wall today and I will be getting a new window treatment some day.

This is the guest bathroom /Kyan's bathroom upstairs.
On this wall; as soon as I can find the right color green and a shade lighter blue (or darker I haven't decided) I'm going to put circle on the wall to look kind of like the shower curtain but not quite as busy.