Sunday, October 25, 2009

More House!!

Today I thought I'd show you Kyan's room and the guest bath upstairs.

This is Kyan's room. Besides the entry way it's the only other room we didn't paint. There isn't a whole lot to tell you about these pictures other then.. Yes, his bed is on the floor. We haven't found a bedroom set that we like for him yet. The art should be put on the wall today and I will be getting a new window treatment some day.

This is the guest bathroom /Kyan's bathroom upstairs.
On this wall; as soon as I can find the right color green and a shade lighter blue (or darker I haven't decided) I'm going to put circle on the wall to look kind of like the shower curtain but not quite as busy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The scraproom/office.

Today I thought I'd show you my scrap booking/our office.=)

The first picture is from right after we painted the room. And while we were getting ready for the the delivery of our new bed. But this bed is actually in the Guest room now it just wasn't painted at the time and we didn't want to move the bed in there and then move it out again and the in again. Just silly to do so.

the 2ND is other before and the brown blog on the right is the book case.

the 3rd is of one of many spray painting projects=). There are two of these and the use to be brown and hang in the half bath downstairs and the Master bath. We had planned to buy some for the two bathrooms before we moved and were surprise the family left them but since they didn't fit what we wanted and we planned to buy some with door anyway instead of just getting rid of them I decided to spray paint them and use them in my scrap room.=)

Here you can see my scrap desk and our computer desk and one of my little cupboards.

Here under the cupboard on the right is my scrapbook bookcase. It has all my scrap booking books and quote books and all the binders I put together as well as my scrap paper bin and my scrapbook.

Here you can both the cupboards. P.S. Please excuse the mess I was in the middle of like 3 projects at the time. Also the blue valance thing is going to soon too. Chad put it back up after he finished painting even though it doesn't match and I can't reach to take it down myself so until I find/buy some roman blinds the blue things is going to stay.

Here is my bookcase! Yes the last 3 and a half shelves are ALL cookbooks/cooking mags. of some sort. (Don't judge me. You know you're a little jealous. I have recipes for EVERY occasion. he he)

Into the closet. Where most of my scrap booking stuff is. Sorry I didn't take a picture of the inside of the closet but I don't have enough storage in here (seriously I need one more small bookcase) so there is stuff ALL over the floor in there and I was to embarrassed to show you.

Here is the wall left hand wall with my quote my sister gave me. All that is left for this room is hang up some pictures and put out some my projects for display (some I just can't give way)

Hope you enjoyed it!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

My work is progress.

Of course I am talking about our house!! Since I have been promising forever that I would Add pictures of the house I thought today I really would. So here are some pictures of our house and the progress we are making to make it a home=). I'll do just the family room today and then I'll do my best to show you a room a day. That way I don't over whelm you with to many pictures.

I love this mirror! It was a wedding present from my Grandma and Grandpa Gray. I just was never a big fan of gold so I spray painted it!!

I like the white but I haven't decided if I love it I might take it brown but I haven't decided yet. I have also been thinking about buying a large picture easel for it because that corner is so deep it sits to far back and I want to bring it out a little more so when I get close up I can actually see in it =). Also the mantel has actually been updated since I took this picture but I haven't taken a new one yet. But I will =). There are still a few things this room needs but like I said it is a work in progress and someday (soon, I hope) I'll get nice curtains and get rid of those vertical blinds which I loath and we will finally hang the pictures. Hope you enjoyed the little preview.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today I decided that I alone am keeping the magazine industry afloat.

There are many things I have inherited from my mother, my lips, my ears, my hands and her need to collect things. LOL. For those of you that don't already know I have a very nice collection of cookbooks and cooking magazines (not as big as my moms though)I'm sure mine is close to if not more then a hundred and the doesn't include the 3 books I have put together myself. But today I was going through my magazine basket; Yes, I have a magazine basket. It is where I put all the magazines I subscribe to after I have read them and when it starts to over flow about every 4-6 months, I go through the magazines and rip out all the ideas, recipes I like and then recycle the rest. Well Anyway I was going thought the basket today and putting the cooking magazines on the book shelf and I realized that I subscribe to a lot of magazines. So I thought I would share my realization with you and my little secret of just how many I subscribe to.

-Better Homes and Garden (which it my fav. and I love the website I visit at least once a day)
-Good Housekeeping
-Family Fun
-Paper Crafts
-Creating Keepsakes
-Scrapbooks etc.
-Simple Scrapbooks (well I did before they stopped making it. That as a sad day at the Haggerty house)
-Taste of Home
-Taste of Home Holiday
-Kraft Food and Family

and I recently either cancelled or didn't renew the following
-Seattle Metropolitan (which I loved but not living in Seattle anymore just made it more of silly spend)
-Cooks Country
-Cook's illustrated (but not before getting the BEST cookie recipe ever)

There you go a little more insight into the crazy makings of me=) I hope you enjoyed it just a little.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


OK here are the ALL the picture from our trip! There are allot but it's ok because it's totally worth it!! =) Some of the pictures aren't mine they are Christian's and I 'borrowed' them (it's ok she knows I stole them) because both my camera batteries died while we were on the tour I did get to sneak one picture in every once in while before my camera would shut off but after a while it started getting really old. Anyway I hope you enjoy=)!! Sorry if they are out of order. Also, for those of you how have seen the movie I'm sure you are going to tell me "that isn't in the movie." I know! The movie was filmed in Portland because the film tax in Washington is apparently very high. They were going to film in Fork the crew was even there waiting but our lovely government would help out a low budget film and so they had 2 days to find somewhere else to shoot. Also Stephine Meyer actually went to Port Angeles, Forks and La Push before she finished Twilight. So when I tell you "it's from the book." it is fact the place that Stephine Meyer picked out. =) I know I learned it on my guided tour=).