Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Annivarsary weekend!

Sorry for the overwhelming amount of pictures but this weekend was so amazing I never want to forget! We started the weekend by dropping Kyan off at Grandma and Grandpa Haggerty's, then we drove to Tulalip and went shopping at the Seattle Premiere Outlet mall(since check it wasn't till 4). The mall is right next to Resort and Casino were we stayed. We did some shopping got some great stuff and bought a soda for a wending machine with a credit card swipe thing!! I had never seen one before it was really cool! Anyway we check in to the Resort which has free Valet and Bell boy!! This had to be the nicest place I have ever stayed, it was amazing. It even had 24 hour room service. We eat at a restaurant called Tulalip Bay which was the nicest restaurant we have ever eaten at, it was beautiful. There was only one bad thing about our trip and that is the fact that although you aren't allowed to smoke anywhere in the resort you are allowed to smoke on the casino floor, which made the casino stink!! And then while I was playing the on the slot machine some lady sat next to me and was blowing her smoke right in my face!!

This is looking into our room from the front door. The double doors on the right is the closet with a safe inside.

Same view just a little to the left so you can see the cool light fixture.

From in the room to the front door where you can see the side console table, and closet doors again.

Mini Bar and counter top (the closet would be on the right if you could see it this picture)

The desk and t.v. (Across from the bed)

The Bed.

The bed again.

Little reading area.

View from our room sorry for the glare

Into the bathroom. I love the door!

The door close up. Isn't it beautiful?!?!

Into the bathroom. Someday my bathroom will be this beautiful!


The bathroom sinks!

The shower.

Three heads!!

The little nook across from the shower with towels and bathrobes. I think my favorite part of the bathroom is the wall paper it was like leather!

The nook again!

The view from the bathroom into the room. You can see the little vanity/make-up counter the best from this view!

This the front doors of the Resort where you wait for the bell boy and Valet (we didn't use either but it was an option)

The front desk.

A better view of the glass behind the desk.

When you first walk in you see this totem. It's 2 stories tall.

From the second floor looking down.

One of the several little seating areas the have around the resort. The black wavy things on the wall next to the fire place is actully little waterfalls.

You can see it a little bit in this picture!

Another seating area this one the room from the front deck.

Closer look.

Down the hall to our room!
On the ceiling on the way to where our car was parked.

Outside the resort.

Another view!

Cool sculpture!

View from the mall we shopped at.

Casino Front!

Killer Whale behind the low roundish sign.

Another view with the Casino front in the bcakground.

This is from above one of the bars in the middle of the room.

The same picture but now you can see the bar and some of the slot machines. There are more the 2,000 slot machines on the floor!! It was crazy!! Sorry there aren't more pictures I go in trouble for taking pictures aparently it isn't aloud. Whoops!

This is actully in the resort it got placed out of order sorry.

Outside the Resort at night.

This were we eat dinner is it inside the Casino.

In the resterant, it has an open kitchen so guy in the back with the white is actully the chef! It was so cool!

This little cart is where the make a thing like banana foster put with pineapple and give it to you as a palete cleanser before dinner arrives.

This was what I ordered for dinner.

This is what Chad ordered.

The wine room in Tulalip Bay. The light is my favorite!