Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have been sooo bad!!

It had been sooo long since my last post. WHOOPS! My bad! Sorry, I have been soo busy this last month, I have been to two baby showers, one wedding shower, and three birthday parties. That means I have made six cards in the last several weeks oh wait the doesn't include the two I mailed for birthdays and the two I made for Mother's day! Chad thinks I'm crazy!! LOL so needless to say I have been pretty busy. And since my crazy weeks all just winding down I have been relaxing by reading the TWILIGHT series and I have been so engrossed I'm almost done with the last book and I started the first a week ago. My house duties are slacking but only because it kills me not keep reading my brain keeps saying "KEEP READING! I MUST FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS", in fact taking a break to write this is secretly killing me, but don't tell Chad he thinks I need to get a life since all I want to do is read LOL!! So, I thought I'd update you on what's going on..... nothing really!! LOL We were looking into buying/building a house and we had the lot picked out and all the features and even the bank we were going to with all picked but we needed some help with the down payment and stuff and well I'll spear you the bitter details (ok only I'm bitter) we are aren't going to get in our dream house, but it's ok we'll get into a house someday probably not for a couple more years but we're young and I think I can live here (god willing) without hurting anyone or myself(HAHA it's a joke) for that long, at least I REALLY hope so. Also I got my nose pierced, it's something I have wanted to do for a long time and I finally got the guts to do it. It didn't hurt even close to as bad as I thought it would. I think you are up to speed now LOL! I have enclosed pictures of a couple of card I made. Sorry I don't have pictures of them all I had put most of them in their envelops before I remembered to take a picture but you can enjoy the one I did remember!!