Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some pictures I have been meaning to put up!

Here are some pictures from Easter weekend and this last week!

One of my oldest friends, had her son's 1st birthday party this weekend. This SWEET race car was parked out in the drive way! He wanted to get in SOO bad!

This was in his Easter basket. I found it at Fred Meyer! It's like a Mr. Potato Head where you can add parts except he is made out of play-do and you can make Spongebob any shape you want. Kyan asked for a circle and this was as close as I could get and still have him sit on the base without falling over!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So I didn't make the design team =(

If you remember from my April 7th post I said I entered to be on the Craft Warehouse Design Team 2009. Well there were 60 other entries and I wasn't picked, I'm a little bummed but there is always next year! So since I didn't make it I thought I'd post some pictures of the projects.(So now you can judge my work lol) There are 2 cards, 2 pages and a photo memory book. I hope you enjoy them.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

THE MOST amazing thing ever!!

I found my new sport!! My next hobby maybe.... ok maybe not. But these girls are amazing! I bet the crowd didn't cheer that loud for the team=). I am still in amazment and I needed to share it with you. Hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I have the world's sweetest little boy!!

On Friday Chad was telling Kyan that he needed to go to the doctor (he needed to have some blood work done) and Kyan being the sweet little boy that he is run into the bathroom and grabbed his 'boo boo kit'( it's a first aid kit for kids I got at Target. It's shaped like an ambulance and has band-aids and all the things you need only with kid appeal to make it go smoother. It even comes with stickers that say things like "Be nice, I have a boo-boo" and stuff like that) Well anyway he ran it get and brought to Chad and said "All better Daddy!" and started to open it and get the band-aids out! It was the cutest thing ever. He was convinced that he could make Daddy all better so he wouldn't have to go to the doctor, and Chad being the GREAT dad that he is, let him put a band-aid on his foot=)!! It really was the cutest thing I'd seen in a really long time!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Watch out Vegas here we come!! (Plus wish me luck)

I am soooo excited I can hardly hold it in, we FINALLY got our date for Vegas so we are going July 29th!! We have a list of about a million things we want to do and see. I promise to tell everyone all about it when we get back.

Ok so I decided to be brave and I entered to be on the Craft Warehouse Design Team 2009. I'll find out on or around the 15th of this month. Due to legal rights I can't post pictures of my projects until them but I will!! So please, wish me luck this is the first time I have entered my scrapbooking work in to be judged and to honest I'm REALLY nervous!! So wish me luck, pray for me and I'll keep you posted.


Kyan and I were playing outside yesterday and he discover his first dandelion. For some reason our apartment in Bothell never had any!. Anyway as he sat in amazement at the flower and the fact that I said it was ok he could pick it if he wanted it. I got to thinking why is it as a child dandelions are like gifts from heaven? No one gets mad when you pick them, they are bright, they are EVERYWHERE they make great gifts for mom (I mean what woman doesn't love flowers) and when they seed they make the best "make a wish and blow" thing since the birthday candle.

As an adult they are more the a disease a parasite really, something that must be rid from our life's at all costs. I find myself wondering how many a Dad have spent hours and hours getting rid of the each year.

As a teenager I often thought to myself how lame I was to give them to my mom for Mother's Day or just picking one and giving it to her just because I was thinking of her. But now as a mother myself I find them to be a wondrous gift form God. Because I know that my son is thinking of me and knows I love flowers every time he give it to me. He'll have the sweetest little smile and so will I=).

So today if you see a Dandelion remember them through a child's eyes and smile! Like most things as an adult we forget what the finner things in life really are!! Have a wonderful day!!

Here are the pictures I have been promising since February. Sorry!! My bad!!

February 2008

I don't think I'll ever understand why Kyan thought this game with Dad was so great but they played it all the time!!

A beautiful day in Feb!!

MARCH 2008

To say March was an interesting month would be an understatement. Yes, this is our car and Yes those are burn marks. From what you ask? Well our caught on fire. FIRE!!!! Scary!!! Chad and Kyan dropped me off at a friends house because I was going to have lunch will her and her mom. We left right after Chad dropped me off we ended up at the same light together and I say that the car was smoking so I reached my head out the window and he said he noticed it to but what could he do. Well he drove back to his parents (about .25 miles really it's like 2 minutes apart). Well I'm in the car with my friend and I get a call from my mother-in-law (with Kyan SCREAMING in the background) saying I needed to come home because our car was on fire and Chad needed me. NOT A PHONE CALL ANYONE SHOULD EVER GET!! So they turned around ans took me back to see our hood looked like this and a fire truck was parked next to it!! Luckily Chad's parents had 2 fire extinguishers, one in the garage and one the kitchen well Chad's Dad lifted the hood (Brave man) and helped Chad put out the fire before the fire truck got there but they still had to check it out and make sure it would start on fire again!! It's a good thing they had an extinguisher because it could have been WAY worse like blow up worse they said! Scary!! Well everyone was ok (minus the car) Kyan was just scared because Daddy grabbed out of the car gave him to Grandma and ran back out, there was also a lot of panic around so that didn't help! Well anyway it was a Sunday and NONE of the car rental places in the Tri-Cities were open or wouldn't have anything till Monday. So Carrie (Chad's mom for those of you who don't know) was super sweet and drove us all the way the Bellevue.

I loved this tree!! This was taken on March 18th.

This one March 27th. Amazing what 9 days can do!

Cool Clouds!


APRIL 2008 (you'll have to forgive this month because of the amount of pictures they might be a little out of order)

Yes. It snowed in APRIL!!

Crazy snow!!

My parents invited to whole family to go to Seaside, the deal was all we had to do was bring our own food. So we thought it would be a great chance to hang out with the family (especially since at the time we were all living in different cities). So while not everyone was able to attend all of my step brothers and sisters had to work and couldn't make it. My oldest brother Chris, was planning on going but since he was the low end of the totem pole as we like to say and it was Spring break he was forced to work so that the other nurses that had been working long could take the week off. In fact come to think of none of brothers were there!! Than wasn't able to make since he needed to finish school but we did convince his wife Danielle, to come and she brought the kids. Jeremy didn't come because well I'm not sure but he wasn't there. Sarah wasn't there because her Spring break was the week before.. So it was my oldest sister Tanya and her family, Danielle and the kids, my parents and Chad, Kyan and me!! It was a lot of fun!! (this picture is were Chad and I went to dinner to get some crab, our rule you can't go to the beach and not eat crab!!)

On the way home we stayed the night in Woodburn so that we could go shopping at the Woodburn Mall! We stayed in a Super 8 and if you'll notice there are no pictures!! It was that scary!

View from our room!

Bubbles on the Beach.

The family on the beach (it was cold that day)

From our room again!

The whole family went to the aquarium and the best part was feeding the seals!!

Some of the stores at the Carousel Mall.

The outlet mall. Not so exciting, the KB toys store was the coolest one!

A view of were we stayed (from the beach)

Shoppes right under the place we stayed!

The pool of the place we stayed out with my parents. At night the lights changed colors, it made to water look sooo cool! P.S. You can't tell in this picture but there are several other pools. There were 2 little kid pools, and at least 2 GIANT hot tubs!! It really was cool we went a couple of times with Kyan and even though it was cold there were still a lot of people there!

The carousel inside the Carousel Mall!

MAY 2008

This was the play ground by the lake about 5 minutes from our house. I was our favorite playground it was hardly ever busy, there was A LOT of grassy space to play and tag and we always walked to the lake and looked at the duck and throw rocks in the water before we went home.

Double Slides with a twist! They were nice because for someone like Kyan who can be a little apprehensive about things it made sure he never went to fast!

Some flowers around our old apartment Kyan and went for walk (like we did most days) and luckily I brought my camera!!

These are my favorite=)!