Monday, November 16, 2009

LOTS more house!

OK here a a whole heap of house picture because a) I haven't got on forever b) I have been busy and c) I wasn't sure anyone was actually enjoying them. But I started and now I must finish. So here is one picture of almost all of the rooms left to show you. (The Laundry room, the Master and formal living room are missing because I haven't taken a picture of them since we finished them. But I will take the pictures tomorrow when the sun is out and show you)

This one is of the stairs and the little wall and walk way between the front door (on the left) the formal living room (where I was standing when I took it) and the living room.

Powder Room downstairs.

Dining room

The funny thing out of all the pictures I have taken this is the only one of the kitchen and you can't even see the Kitchen. I'll take a picture soon so you can see the whole thing.

This is the Guest room. I love the red but a word of advice for anyone thinking about painting red... spend the extra time and paint the one coat of dark color primer because even if you think you can skip that step and buy the paint with the primer already in it you well have to paint 5 coats! FIVE!!!! So spare your self the pain do one coat of dark primer and then you should only have to do 2 of the red.

Hope you all enjoyed there will be a couple more to come and then some of the outside so check back!!

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