Saturday, March 6, 2010

What's new with the Haggerty clan!

So we aren't always very exciting but I do have a few updates for you mostly about my progress with the my New Years Resolutions/goals. Like I said before I have been breaking them down by months. Well my eat healthy has been going well to date I have lost 12lbs, not great but good=). Last month I started my "Try a new recipe at least once a month" goal, and I actually made 5 different things all new for me, and only one just ok the rest we really yummy. I'm not overwhelmed with my own cooking very often (not nearly as much as Chad is) But let me tell you these SOOO good. One I make quite often now for lunch or dinner for myself it's a noodle stir-fry and SOO easy. I have even modified it a little to make it more my "flavor" and I love it even more. I have pictures of the other 3. Here they are.....
This is Strawberry Cheesecake dip. Yummy.

Yummy Bruschetta (my first ever) and I can't wait for an excuse to make it again.

This is Tiny Lemon Gem Tart. They tasted better then they look I got a little excited with the powdered sugar.

This month I started 2 goals; exercise more and organize my scrapbooking stuff. We bought an elliptical machine today and it will be here Monday (Thank you IRS!!) and last night after several hours and a serious realization that I CAN NOT keep buying scrapbooking paper unless I actually use what I have. So now I have a box of stuff that's free to a good home because I can't bare to throw it away, and a promise with myself and my husband not buy and scarpbooking stuff except glue and card stock (and only if I don't have the right color to match my project) until the scrapbooking convention in November. (I really hope I can make it) or until 50% of what I have has been used whichever comes first. Here are some pictures of my 'improved' closet. Sorry there aren't any before pictures... actually no I'm not it was REALLY embarrassing.

This is the box of free stuff.

Also I went to a baby shower at the end of Feb. for a friend who is having baby number 2 a girl and here is the Card I made.

The color for the babies room are pink, brown and a bright green, and the theme is butterflies, flowers and dragonflies. So I think I did a pretty good job. especially since I didn't know the theme only the colors when I made it=).

Thanks for looking=).

The Haggerty's